Allie Szymanski, creator and owner of The Mermaid's Tail, is a Long Island Native and mama. She is married to her husband, John, and they live in Northport with their son, Sebastian. Allie has a degree in Interior Design and worked in the industry for over 10 years. She is also a volunteer with The Postpartum Resource Center of New York.

After giving birth to her son in 2017, Allie suffered from severe "baby blues". Fortunately, after a few weeks the symptoms subsided, but it made her think, "what if they hadn't?". After some research online, Allie learned about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, including postpartum depression for the first time. It alarmed her that no one, not even her OBGYN, had educated her about the maternal mental health disorders that affect up to 1 in 5 new or expectant mothers and their families. Then she came across a story about a new mother, Allison, who was battling severe postpartum depression, without the support of her family. When her daughter was four months old, Allison dropped her daughter off at daycare and then took her own life. This story was the inspiration for The Mermaid's Tail. Had Allison had a supportive community and the right treatment from healthcare professionals, she could quite possibly still be here today, being an amazing mother to her daughter. This story is exactly why we need to open lines of communication about these disorders.